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Helping You Transform Your Life with the Power of Your Mind.

My purpose is to help you wield the power of your consciousness and create your dream life . From there you can manifest whatever you feel is missing in your life. But no matter what, you’ll know a deep and profound sense of gratitude for who you are and the life you’re living.

Are you ready to know your purpose, master financial & business success, find that loving partner, create that dream lifestyle, or know a life of fulfillment?

I'm Joe, the guy who's going to help you transform:
Your. Entire. Life.

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"Joe showed me that I was the creator of my own universe and that I had control all the time. Honestly, it is an incredible way to think and live and has brought me inner peace. I watched as my businesses, personal life, and overall mental well-being blossomed."

steve martino

“Joe saved me. He helped me transform my life from an old, unhealthy, unhappy, miserable broke man that couldn’t afford to buy a cup of coffee to a vibrant, young, happy, healthy, fit looking rooster with over $1m in assets ."

andrew  mcdonough

"Joe helped me transform my mind - to think beyond the ego and help me have a clearer understanding. He helped me reinvent several aspects of myself and become happier, and more liberated along the way."

gretchen yerke

ditch the past

Stop Settling. Step into Your Power. Create the Life You've Longed to Live. 

Are you stuck in life or experiencing a tricky block? Is there something incredibly challenging standing between you and your destined fulfillment, peace or happiness ?


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That message was a seed planted into the depths of my soul and it stayed with me as I embarked on spiritual journey of self-love & healing.

I dissolved our health & wellness company, quit my job, put my stuff into storage, and bought a one way ticket to Colombia.

Little did I know how much my mind, heart & soul would transform over the coming years, little did I know what kind of epic tale I was preparing to share with the world through my that book;
Dreams of Antiquity.

A Message that Forever Changed My Life...

Three days after the passing of my late wife, I received a message from her.

"Jessica wants you to tell a story, to write a book."

Find TRUE Love - Guided Meditation Visualization

Find Your Soulmate – Manifest Love Using LOA 

Change Your Life In One Day! "What if today was it?"

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Decision Making Meditation (for the Important ones)

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Is having Expectations Bad for You?

Expectations or, attachment, as it's more commonly referred to, can be one of the worst investments in your mental & emotional wellbeing. In this video I explain (and prove) why attachment is such a risk.  After learning a bit more, you may be primed for your mindset & spiritual shift – ask me what the next steps are!

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