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Joe Hehn

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Coach, Author & Speaker

 Transform Your Life with The Habit of Better Thinking

Think Better

What do you think about yourself?
What do you think about your life?

How do those thoughts make you feel?

Are you satisfied with the quality of you mind & life?

Pain was the catalyst that ignited my transformation.  Holy crap did it suck tho.  I'm a much different man these days with lots to be grateful for. 

But it didn't come easy, nothing worth having ever does but that doesn't mean there aren't effective and efficient ways to transform your life for the better. 

And that's my purpose – to help you become the ONE who transforms your own life. Because you can & will if you do the right stuff. 

I'm an ordinary guy who did the extraordinary: helping myself think better and transforming my entire life.  Now I teach people like you how to do this for themselves:)

Hi, I'm Joe:)

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If you haven't found your purpose, it's because no one taught you were to look.  If you haven't found love, it's because something hurt you so bad that you're scared of allowing yourself to be loved.  If you struggle with finances, your job, or your relationships, it's because you were never taught how to discover your true self-worth.  And if you haven't developed a peaceful mind, it's because you never learned how.

If you feel lost and alone, hopeless and afraid that life will never get better, it's not your fault. It's because no one ever taught you how to have healthy self-talk and how to heal your subconscious mind.

Happiness doesn't come from getting or doing something, it comes from seeing life differently.

Did you know...

ditch the past

Stop Settling. Step into Your Power & Create the Life You've Longed to Live. 

Once we change our beliefs, our mind and thoughts begin experiencing a radical transformation which makes us feel happy, excited, peaceful, loved, joyous & grateful. And not occasionally, like every day. How would being able to do that transform your life?


You are not your thoughts... you are the current of Awareness flowing beneath them.  But your thoughts hold a very special power, one of Creation. We think between 70k - 100k thoughts every single day!  How many of those align with the life you want to Create for yourself and how many are deflecting it?


Our beliefs determine our thoughts which then determine our emotions. If you only focus on dealing with the endless stream of various emotions, you'll never make the kind of progress you desire & deserve. Change your Beliefs and you'll transform your Life.


Beliefs  |  Thoughts  |  Emotions

WHat do you believe about yourself?

How often does your mind consider a bad or scary future event, drumming up a bunch of anxiety and stress?  How often do you find yourself creating delusions of conflict, struggle, failure, and loneliness?  How often are you thinking and feeling horrible things about yourself or others?  Are you sick of being at the mercy of an untrained mind and ready to become the master instead of the slave?

We also need to retrain your mind how to think.  Do you want peaceful & happy thoughts... or thoughts absorbed in negativity, abuse, anger, anxiety & fear?  You have the power to choose.

We need to find the Beliefs which no longer serve you and replace them with ones that do.

How Can I Change?

You are a Creator.  You have within you at this very moment, not only the power but also the authority to transform your entire life for the better. 

This means that EVERYTHING you desire to experience: Love, Passion, Purpose, Financial Security & Abundance, the Dream Business or Job, Fulfillment, Health & Wellness, and that Perfect Lifestyle are ALL within your grasp... if you know how to wield the power of your mind.

It's not your fault that you never learned how to believe something wonderful & exciting, how to think encouraging & beautiful thoughts, how to feel emotions which empower & inspire you.  The goods news is that it's never too late and it's never too soon to start.

I've done this for myself and with people all over the world, from all walks of life, and in every demographic. In each and every case, we've helped transform their mind and therefore their entire life. 

I will teach you how to do this too – it's my passion and my purpose. (And to be perfectly frank – I'm really good at what I do.)

Everything can change in a matter of weeks.

Our beliefs, thoughts & emotions determine the quality of our life because they hold a very special power within them – the power of Creation.

"Joe showed me that I was the creator of my own universe and that I had control all the time. Honestly, it is an incredible way to think and live and has brought me inner peace. I watched as my businesses, personal life, and overall mental well-being blossomed."

steve martino

“Joe saved me. He helped me transform my life from an old, unhealthy, unhappy, miserable broke man that couldn’t afford to buy a cup of coffee to a vibrant, young, happy, healthy, fit looking rooster with over $1m in assets ."

andrew  mcdonough

"Joe helped me transform my mind - to think beyond the ego and help me have a clearer understanding. He helped me reinvent several aspects of myself and become happier, and more liberated along the way."

gretchen yerke

When's the perfect time for a catastrophe? It's an odd question and kind of scary but for good reason. Our mind will happily consider all the worst possible stuff and at the very same time it will find evidence supporting why there's just no time to invest in making yourself better.  That's an ego trap – you're damned if you continue down this path and damned if you try to create a new one. 

Here's a new way to think about it.  How many things in your life can and will improve if your perception of them improves? Kids, family, work, finances, house, bills, relationships, taxes, friends, health... how will all of this stuff be effected?

The answer is easy.  EVERYTHING in your entire life will improve along with your mindset & perception because everything is dependant on both.

You are the main character of your experience – you're the star of your own movie.  And the kind of movie you're in depends on your perspective.  Change your perspective = Change the movie. 

Are you starring in a suspenseful and ominous documentary, an anxiety riddled bore, a miserable and empty melodrama, or a happy-go-lucky romantic comedy with profound spiritual undertones and lots of adventure?  (my current movie btw)

If you're waiting for the "perfect time" to make the change you've been craving, it will never come.  Actually things tend to get a lot worse until you find yourself in a very dark and lonely place.  At least that's what happened to me.  I had to make a change for the better and it was the Best Damn Thing to ever happen to me!

Stop waiting – the quicker you make your mindset the priority, the quicker everything else in your life improves and the faster peace, presence, purposehappiness and love become your state of being.

That state of being becomes your Life.

I invite you into the choice of making a change here, now, today...

Our mind likes the way things are... it doesn't want anything better for you.  That's why you constantly think about ALL the reasons you can't invest in finally changing, healing & growing.

If you're only looking at all the reasons why you don't have time or energy to change... you never will.

Why Wait?

That message was a seed planted into the depths of my soul and it stayed with me as I embarked on spiritual journey of self-love & healing.

I dissolved our health & wellness company, quit my job, put my stuff into storage, and bought a one way ticket to Colombia.

Little did I know how much my mind, heart & soul would transform over the coming years, little did I know what kind of epic tale I was preparing to share with the world through my that book;
Dreams of Antiquity.

A Message that Forever Changed My Life...

Three days after the passing of my late wife, I received a message from her.

"Jessica wants you to tell a story, to write a book."

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I'm Grateful for You – Joe

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