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The idea for the book finally came to me one morning as I waited for the rain to subside just outside of Acapulco, Mexico. I had decided to drive my 1971 Land Rover from Nosara, Costa Rica alllll the way to Chicago, US. It was a three month journey, loaded with as much adventure as most people receive over 3 lifetimes. As I lay in my little beachside bungalow, staring through the ceiling while nestled up on a little cot, the idea of a book, or rather epic story, came to me.

That message was a seed planted into my very being, one which catapulted me into a spiritual journey of untold magic & love.

That's the very first message I received from Jessica, after she had passed...

"I  Want  you  to  tell  a story,  to  Write  a  book."

"Eureka!" I shouted, I cried, I laughed, and I celebrated what I knew would be a powerful & stirring tale of true love, soulmates, adventure, grief, the beyond, reincarnation, spirituality & religion, mental health & healing all rolled into one story.

You see, Jessica hadn't stopped with just the one message of telling me to write a book but hundreds as I made my way all over the world searching for answers, guidance & sustenance that would prove to heal my heart, elevate my mind & strengthen my spiritual connection. She bestowed palaple signs & encouragement, sent the right people at the right time, and made frequent, profound visitations through my dreams.

And so, Dreams of Antiquity was born. Two souls united then torn apart by fate. One, meant to carry on: to learn, to live, to heal & to find love again, all the while being guided by the other. A tale inspired by my own but told through the lens of a fictional story. 

It's with the greatest, humbled appreciation that I'm able to share this story with the world in summer of 2022! Please sign up for your copy today!

I'm grateful for you,
Joe Hehn

The epic tale begins with the king of ancient Babylonia. Gracien is madly in love with his Queen: his Ayadonna.
But what will happen when the pair face tragedy?
A heartbroken Gracien must embark on a journey filled with lifetimes of despair, adventure, and realization. Betrayed and forsaken, his solitary quest unfolds only to reveal that his wounded soul may not be alone after all.

Dreams of Antiquity: 
The Awakening

The Awakening, the first book in the fictional series, is a stirring, unpredictable and adventurous debut novel filled with passion and sorrow, pain and joy.

When faced with mystical guidance, clouded memories, and lucid dreams, Gracien wonders if he’s losing his grip on reality or being guided from the Beyond.
Travel over 2,000 years into the past as royalty is reborn, grown men see with the innocence of a child, and love is rediscovered.
Join Gracien’s adventure through time as he is cast from the kingdom of Babylonia into the embrace of an Aboriginal tribe, where a shamaness attempts to guide him towards a path of healing.
It isn’t long before Gracien finds himself enduring the perils of the Great Pyramid and the hardships of Egyptian slums, all before venturing through the Himalayas in search of a Buddhist sage tucked away in a secret sanctuary.
Gracien’s adventures culminate, traversing through the many marvels of Beijing while balancing the burden of discipleship and the dangers of forbidden love.