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Your mind runs rampant with negative & anxious thoughts. You don't even believe in yourself or that you're worthy of achieving your goals. You feel alone.

That you're getting in your own way...

If only you had that one thing, then everything would come together & you'd have it all – you'd finally be happy.

That something is missing...

You just know there's more to experience in life but you don't know how or where to look. And no one understands. 

Alone & lost...

tell me i'm wrong and you aren't feeling...

What does it mean to be happy? to know your purpose? to find meaning in life?

Biweekly LIVE group coaching calls with the community where we'll go over any questions you might have!

Access to my signature course: "Spiritual, Mindset & Manifesting Masterclass" – 44 Videos & 20 Assignments ($497 Value)

Exclusively Produced Content for Members (Guided Visualizations & Meditations & Tons of Topic Related Content)

Let's radically transform your life: you'll never feel alone, you'll discover your missing thing & you'll finally feel like you're headed in the right direction... toward your dream life & self-love.

The Enlightened Evolution Membership


Topics: Spirituality, Mindset & Mindfulness, Manifestation, Meditation, Guided Meditations & Visualization, Limiting Beliefs

Request what YOU Need! Topics & subtopic module or article requests encouraged so that you get the answers you deserve.

Multiple Courses: Manifesting Love, Deep Meditation, Manifesting Money (Coming soon at no Extra Cost to You!)

Are you sick of waiting to FEEL Empowered, Inspired, Grateful, Free, Happy & Loved?  It's not about finding that missing puzzle piece and then finally everything comes together...

EVERYTHING is already right before your eyes. You can have it ALL & experience your ideal reality: Lasting Love, Wealth, Personal & Business Success, Spiritual Connection, Meaning to Life and a True Purpose all by applying the right practices & techniques.  I can show you the Way!

I'm Joe. Mindset & Spiritual Mentor here to help you FEEL excited & grateful for Life!

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"I’m not sure if I can fully explain how much this one person has done for my family. We are really living life now. We have missed out on so much and we’re no longer afraid to live - no more regrets."

Meditation is a vital tool in elevating our mindset, finding peace through mindfulness & manifesting our desires. Learning the proper techniques is like learning a super power. From there you'll achieve unimaginable levels of knowingness, presence & abundance. You'll question why you waited so long to learn the way.

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Meditation Lessons &
Guided Experiences

We have the ability to attract desired experiences into our life using very particular methods & techniques. If you want to experience true love, a wealthy lifestyle or professional success, then I can teach you the correct methods for tapping into your power & creating the kind of life you've only dreamed of living. 

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What does it mean to be Spiritual? For me it means never feeling alone and relying on my Higher-Self & Spiritual Connection to help guide me through life knowing I'm ALWAYS headed in the best direction. It's about feeling that self-worth radiate within myself and being utterly in love with who I am & the life I'm living.

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Mindset determines your happiness & fulfillment. If you feel that life is lacking, you're lonely, depressed, anxious & scared then we can change that with the proper mindset. I'll show you how to perceive life in color instead of black & white and finally FEEL excited about living a beautiful life of presence & abundance.

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Mindset & Mindfulness

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Not Sure If It's Right For You?

Do you suffer from a negative mind that's always highlighting the bad, bogged down with useless thoughts & stirring up anxiety & fear?

Do you feel alone, a lack of connection with others or excitement for life? Does your past weigh you down? Is there a hole in the place of pride, accomplishment & love?

Are things going well but you could use a little guidance & support in figuring some stuff out?

Are you sick of an unfulfilled life and you're ready to step into a season of abundance & create a beautiful life for yourself?

Wondering if this is right for you? Just ask yourself if you can relate to the following:

rocco de salvo

"I was unable to turn off my thinking mind and have stillness and peace. Joe was able to explain how my mind worked, how to handle situations better, and how be a better soul. I feel much more at peace."

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