There's so much information, guidance, techniques and support out there these days but it's all for nothing if you're not able to understand how to make it work within your very intimate and personal experience.  It's an extremely hard thing to coach oneself into a better place because our habits and thought patterns are ingrained within our personality and perception, within our very being.

It doesn't matter if you've read the books, done the work, tried so many other things or you're just getting started.

What am I in for?

What does it mean to have a coach and what can I expect? How do I know if it's right for me and what kind of results should I expect? What if I don't know what I want in life but I do know that I definitely want a change?

I know you must have a ton of questions surrounding the opportunity to work with someone, this is a good thing and you should!
So here's some insight on what it's like to work with me through my 16 week mentorship program. If I didn't answer all of your questions then be sure to email me and I will.

How Does Joe's Program Work?

Have you ever heard this expression?  "You can't see the forest for the trees."

It means that someone is too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole.  They simply can't remove themselves and solve the problem because they are the problem.

I see things differently because I'm removed from your experience and I know exactly where to look.  The needle of my mind begins threading itself through the fabric of your reality searching for the beliefs, habits, and conditioning responsible for stealing away your peace & presence.

I listen.  I hear things that you may not even say.  I know what isn't serving you based on what you share about your experience.

How can Joe help me reprogram my mind?

First things first – we need to get to know one another.  You'll need to share what's going on with you, what's bothering you, where you're stuck, and what you want to change about everything... what do you really want for yourself?

You ever feel like something is meant to be or experience a really strong current of intuition pulling you toward or maybe even away from an opportunity?

That's how I operate.  I receive a fair amount of applicants every week and I can't work with every single one.  I can usually feel within about 3 minutes whether or not we'll be able to make some magic happen.

I need to hear you share your story, but from your heart.

Open up, be vulnerable, be authentic, and tell me what you're sick and tired of managing in life and what you feel would make it all go away.  Share the trauma, the pain, the suffering and through this process I will guide you to a place of healing then acceptance then peace and finally gratitude.
You'll say something like: "I have lots of trouble with my relationships because I give too much then blow up when I can't take it anymore."

I'll ask a series of questions only to discover the underlying reason and beliefs responsible for making you incapable of or comfortable with knowing your value and sticking to it.  Then I'll guide you through the process of healing, and discovering your value without others involved, as well as establishing and fighting for healthy boundaries.

You'll say something like: "I hate my work, my boss is an arrogant jerk and I never get promoted."

I'll help you perceive and even think good stuff about your job and that perspective will carry you beyond your boss's negative energy – you'll begin actually enjoying yourself again.  We'll also discover the beliefs blocking you from those promotions and eliminate and replace them so as to attract prosperity.

You'll say something like: "I'm always alone and I'm scared I'll never know true love."

I'll help reveal a deep and profound love within yourself, helping to heal and elevate your perspective while establishing healthy beliefs about that destined soulful partner who I believe is out there looking for you.

My mentorship program is 16 weeks long and we accomplish what I believe to be lifetimes of growth & healing through that process.

You'll notice significant changes in how your mind functions, your perception of life, elevated levels of compassion and patience for yourself, others, and situations, as well as an authentic and profound sense of self-worth & confidence.

Friends, family, and even colleagues will notice a difference.  Some will be supportive & happy while others may be spiteful, judgemental & jealous.  The relationships that serve us will thrive while those that don't will be appreciated... but ultimately left behind.

This is a hard truth for some of us – but through a growth and healing journey, we tend to discover that some people only value us when we serve them.

Through our time together you'll also begin building momentum toward your goals if not achieving them.  I've had people land better jobs with better pay, find their soulmate, launch a successful business, heal from past trauma, rebuild a crucial relationship, surpass monetary goals, discover their purpose, and retrain their entire mind in a matter of weeks.
Mindset & Thought Training – I'll outline a step by step process for retraining your mind.  You'll be given several methods, techniques, and tools to apply every week for teaching your mind new ways to believe, think & feel.

Healthy Habit Implementation – Meditation, journaling, writing exercises, reading, breathwork, gratitude practice, visualization, mantras and affirmations, trauma release therapy, even random acts of kindness. 

Subconscious Molding – Goal setting, self-guided visualizations & meditations, conscious self-value work, manifestation mastery.

Allowing Me to Help – I am your mentor, your friend, your coach – as such I'm available for support, guidance, tougher situations, re-centering and "tinkering" with concepts.

Immediate Support – You may have questions, you may need to vent or cry, and you'll definitely need to Celebrate!  We stay connected through text, audio recordings, micro sessions & more as you work through your homework.

That sounds great and all, but what does that look like in real life?

What kind of "homework" are you talking about?

Your time is now, Click Here for the Application >

I think of myself as a guide –  I'll point you in the direction you need to get where you're going, I'll lend a helping hand and I'll even show you some powerful shortcuts.  But you have to put the steps in, you have to do the work.

I'm not here just to listen, I'm here to provide solution.  That's why I don't sit back and let you dump a bunch of emotion on my lap without giving back applicable direction on exactly what you need to do.  I call it "homework" because you take the work and apply it where it matter most... in your mind and your heart – you take it home with you.

Each session we have a nice long chat.  I'll be asking a ton of questions and you'll be sharing as much as possible.  There is no right or wrong answer, I'm simply listening to and learning about your perspective on everything from your own self-value, relationships, work, family dynamics, past grievances, current strife and how you see the future too.

Everything you believe about yourself and life impacts you every single day.  I'm able to find the stuff that brings you down and makes you suffer – then we eradicate it.
You'll say something like: "I can't turn off my brain and thoughts, my financial anxiety is debilitating."

I'll help you break down your mind, assigning it healthy tasks and thought patterns through a step by step process so that it functions like a well-trained employee instead of a toxic boss.  The anxiety will be naturally replaced with peaceful and pleasant beliefs, thoughts & feelings and you'll attract financial security.

You'll say something like: "I feel like my life should be different, better and more fulfilled.  I've never found my purpose but I've always wanted to start my own business."

I'll help you discover a purpose which fulfills you each and every day by training your mind and heart where to look, what to think about, how to feel, and how to wield your power.  You'll start that business and you'll thrive with your new mindset.

These are only some examples but it doesn't matter where you're at – we'll take you higher.

I'm ready to apply >

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The short answer is, yes.  The long answer is, not right away.

Imagine if you limped into my office with a bloody bandage tied around your knee.

"I want to manifest winning the Chicago marathon."

I'd flash an inspired smirk at your determination then answer with something like...

"We need to get you healed first, then we can set our sights on the marathon.  But I like your style, let's get started."

Will you teach me how to manifest?

Our main goal is to release you from the burden of an untrained mind.  Through vigilance and dedication we'll establish something essential to your journey: a mindful & peaceful state of presence.

We can set our sights on manifesting a skyscraper, but without a solid and lasting foundation, we can't build beyond the first floor.  This is why so many people ultimately fail at creating a prosperous life & future for themselves... they never integrated the proper fundamentals of how to think thoughts that serve them while truly believing in themselves.  (Probably because they never learned how to do this – or they never knew they could.)

Our time together will establish a permanent and unyielding foundation of mindful presence – from there we can build a towering temple of prosperity or a charming bungalow of peace.

The beautiful thing about manifestation is that the limit of your Creative Power relies on the limit of your Mind & Heart.

I'm ready to work with joe >

"His program is amazing, he literally took me by the hand to teach me. His course is tailored to help people grow and the techniques are easy to follow. My family and I were able to see the positive impact within weeks.”

pierreline mwanza

"Joe listens with great intent and very thoughtfully explains what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how it impacts your life. He approaches things with love, kindness and a good sense of humor. Joe is truly one of the most authentic beings I have ever met."

renee schrader

"I’ve felt like something was missing from my life. Happiness was just beyond my reach, I felt incomplete. With Joe’s guidance I’ve discovered that what I longed for was a deeper connection to my spirit and consciousness. His guidance has allowed me to begin my journey to a fuller, more fulfilled version of myself."

ryan parmelee

  • I've had clients meet their soulful loving life partner.
  • EVERY client strengthens their own confidence & self-worth.
  • I've had clients rejuvenate marriages and/or significant relationships.
  • I've had clients attract soulful friendships.
  • EVERY client has strengthened all their important relationships.

Love & Relationships

  • EVERY client has achieved more peace & fulfillment at work.
  • I've had clients launch successful businesses, get promoted multiple times, and/or land better paying jobs.
  • I've had a ton of clients experience quick elevations in their financial security & prosperity.

Career & Business

  • I've had numerous clients absolve themselves from various forms of past trauma.
  • I've had clients realize their value and experience major growth in EVERY facet of life.
  • I've had a ton of clients discover their purpose & the awaiting fulfillment.
  • EVERY client connects with something deeper & profound.

Personal Development

Client  Results


You'll have revolutionized your mind & perception.  You'll notice how much others are stuck while you're ascending, you'll want to help.  You'll also be thrilled to see those initial desires flowing into your life!

Within Months

You'll have built the necessary momentum for establishing a more peaceful mind.  Your thought patterns will be healthier & more positive and you'll have experienced some significant triumphs.

Within Weeks

You'll notice a shift in your energy and well-being.  You'll begin "seeing" your life differently and feeling better about yourself as well as your day to day.  Life gets a bit "brighter".

Right Away

16 Week Program

Tailor-made guidance & support centered around your personal development, performance & lifestyle goals. It's all about what YOU want to experience!

A compassionate & encouraging coach dedicated to your growth & healing journey – I'm with you every step of the way and you'll come to rely on our secure & truthful bond.

A treasury of efficient & practical mental, emotional & spiritual techniques to overcome any block or obstacle.

A down to earth friend & confidant who's willing to push, motivate, encourage and inspire you to fight for your worth & create the life of your dreams. 

Here's what you can expect while working with me...

ready to get started?

I'm Ready to invest in myself >

"I will always look back and be able to pinpoint Joe as an agent of wisdom, a catalyst of positivity and a truly benevolent human being fulfilling his purpose to relinquish pain and suffering from the world."

griffin  lewis

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