Take a moment and answer that question.

Ok here's the truth... your answer is NOT the thing that will bring you happiness & fulfillment. The real "thing" that will deliver happiness & fulfillment is your presence and appreciation of the space between you and your answer.

What's missing in your life right now?  What "thing" would deliver the happiness and fulfillment you've been hoping for?

The real problem

It was pretty great and exciting at first, wasn't it?  It was probably better than what you even imagined... but only for a little bit.  After some time and a short adjustment period, all that goodness and excitement seemed to disappear and you were left where, feeling what?

Empty, sad, frustrated, anxious, alone.

In a matter of no time you found yourself craving something else to fill that void and bring about the same kind of goodness & excitement.  Your mind was already on to the next thing that "needed" to happen in order for everything to be just perfect.

When does it end?

How did you feel after you graduated, got the job, kissed the girl, made the deal, went on vacation?

Have you ever gotten what you've wanted?

  • Graduated? "Wonderful – now all I need is a job. Damn it's a hard market out there."
  • Got the job? "Hooray! Now if only they'd pay me more and my boss wouldn't be a jerk."
  • Kissed the girl? "Yeah but she ghosted me/talks to other guys/she's too clingy/not clingy enough."
  • Made the deal? "Yes! But now I have to immediately move on to the next one but I'm so tired."
  • The trip was awesome? "Sure was – but now I'm back into the grind, ugh."

When will it stop?  When will what you have be, enough?

The answer may hurt a bit but it's NEVER. It will never be enough because that's the way our mind and perception has been programmed.

But it CAN be enough if only we stop chasing the "things" and instead reprogram our mind and perception to take hold of the NOW

"That's it Joe? That's all we have to do, huh? Why didn't you say so... No problem – I should have that all squared away this afternoon."

If you have any idea of what I just broke down and how immense of an undertaking simply achieving just a few of those points is – you're definitely a few steps ahead of the average person.

This is no small feat.  But, there is no greater reward either.  Because through the process making your way down that list you'll finally discover what's been missing all along...

  • You won't need anything to make you happy, you'll have found it and you'll feel it inside of yourself every damn day.
  • Your mind will finally be quiet and still, focused on where you direct it and peaceful when you want it to be.
  • You'll know your ability, your power, your worth and you will never settle for anything less than you deserve.
  • If you want to experience that dream job, loving partner, thriving business, dream lifestyle, etc., then you'll simply manifest them instead of investing in that never-ending chase.

Habits lead to a Routine which leads to a Lifestyle.

Desire is the first step – that's likely why you're here right now reading these words, you want something to change in your life whether it's the elimination of something "bad" or the addition of something "good". (It's probably both... eliminate suffering and add happiness/purpose/fulfilment/love)

Education is the second step – we need to do is understand how our mind functions so that we can get rid of the beliefs/thoughts/mindset that don't align with our goals of peace & prosperity.

Determination is the third step – we need to implement empowering & inspiring beliefs/thoughts/mindset.

Dedication is the fourth step – we need to stay the course, working through all the blocks, obstacles, challenges, old habits and trauma until our old way of believing/thinking/feeling is a thing of the past. 

Mastery is the final step, and this along with Dedication will be tested through unraveling life experience. This leads to the liberation of mind and spirit, to a place of true happiness & fulfillment.
Now these steps might seem overwhelming and intimidating but rest assured, once you make some initial progress and build a bit of momentum, things start getting pretty darn exciting and even fun!

You'll begin thinking clear, positive thoughts.  You'll notice a gradual shift in your gratitude each and every day as you push out the negative forces and welcome the positive.  You'll begin FEELING encouraged, excited & confident about the future and your ability to influence it for something beautiful and aligned with your dreams & desires.

Everything around you begins responding to your new mindset and energy and a shift gradually unfolds before your very eyes.  People are nicer, new opportunities aligned with your goals start trickling in, you see signs, experience rare coincidences, and most importantly... you start believing in yourself and your power to live a beautiful life while attracting all the love, prosperity, fulfillment, and joy you've wished for.

It's simply, incredible. 

And I've discovered something equally incredible, everyone has the ability to transform their mind and therefore their life!




SIGN ME UP! Right? How great does that sound and it's NOT some external power, authority, super-duper secret potion, magical spell or mystical affirmation that can deliver you to the promiseland - it's all within you at this very moment.  You just need to learn how to wield your power.

Learning to master your mind is exactly like conditioning your body to become really good at literally anything you're interested in: cycling, rock climbing, yoga, running, swimming, even pole dancing, baby!

Desire -> Education -> Determination -> Dedication -> Mastery

If you want to incorporate anything new into your life, whether it's eating healthy, meditation, starting a side hustle, painting, breathwork, etc. what has to happen?

You need to make it a priority by pouring some of your time and energy into it every week and every day if it's really important and you're looking to make accelerated and advanced progress.

It's the same with retraining your mind.
If we train ourselves to release attachment to:
  • The concept that Perfection exists somewhere outside of the present moment.
  • The desire for Things/People/Events/Experiences to be different than what they actually are.
  • The idea that we're NOT good enough in this very moment and that perfection awaits us just down the road.
  • The belief that we have to achieve A/B/C and then we'll finally know the happiness & fulfillment we've been longing for.
  • The feeling that if only we had done A/B/C differently in the past, then everything would have worked out better for us. 
  • The misconception that life's simply is what it is – we're just out here doing the best we can with what we've been handed and can't make a dent in our fate.
  • The delusion that you have no power, no influence over your reality and future and that you cannot change either.
  • The idea that we ARE our thoughts and cannot change that inner narrator and make it stop being so angry/sad/anxious – that we don't have the power to change what it says, how it thinks, shut it up and know peace, quiet, empowerment, confidence, happiness, joy, pride, and love.
  • The principle that you are NOT a very Powerful Creator who has the capability, authority, and tools to completely transform your ENTIRE life with the power of your mind.

Imagine if I asked you to build your dream house.  I'm talking picture perfect with every possible convenience and luxury.  I even supplied all the tools, materials, more than capable craftsmen, and the perfect lot.  Create whatever it is your heart truly desires.

But then I took away your ability to see, to hear, to talk, and to touch.  How great of a job would you do building your dream home?  Would all those luxuries even matter if you weren't equipped to enjoy them?

An untrained mind sees lack & suffering – which then attracts more lack & suffering.  Our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings have the power to influence our environment and therefore reality.  Limiting beliefs, toxic thoughts, and negative emotions create, attract, and manifest a not so pleasant reality and life.

Once we train our mind how to think and what to believe our natural expression of an experience is Gratitude with a capital G.  Through embodying gratitude throughout our day to day we naturally attract more experiences for us to inwardly and outwardly express that very same gratitude – but now through exciting new experiences.

Manifestation is done by elevating and aligning your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions to a place of Gratitude so that with the proven manifestation methods we can attract the experiences you ultimately desire.

At the end of the day, mastering manifestation comes down to wielding the power of a well-trained mind.

What about Manifestation?

is working with joe my next step >

"His program is amazing, he literally took me by the hand to teach me. His course is tailored to help people grow and the techniques are easy to follow. My family and I were able to see the positive impact within weeks.”

pierreline mwanza

"Joe listens with great intent and very thoughtfully explains what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how it impacts your life. He approaches things with love, kindness and a good sense of humor. Joe is truly one of the most authentic beings I have ever met."

renee schrader

"I’ve felt like something was missing from my life. Happiness was just beyond my reach, I felt incomplete. With Joe’s guidance I’ve discovered that what I longed for was a deeper connection to my spirit and consciousness. His guidance has allowed me to begin my journey to a fuller, more fulfilled version of myself."

ryan parmelee

For me it means experiencing a tremendous shift in your perception, mindset & energy. It means connecting with something bigger than ourselves so that you won't ever again become "lost".  It means finding daily gratitude, fulfillment & peace.  It means attracting the kind of lifestyle you feel you're meant to live, instead of settling for anything less.  It means elevating your perception from black & white to one of vivid color & beauty.

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for this kind of transformation because not everyone is ready for this kind of transformation.  It's a courageous and beautiful thing to say "I'm not happy with where I'm at. I need help and I'm ready to do what it takes to make the necessary change to experience the kind of life I deserve... the kind of life I was meant to live."

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