What Can We Accomplish?
 – Dramatically elevate workplace positivity & performance

 – Empower staff to "show up" feeling excited & clock out feeling fulfilled.

 – Strengthen overall operations by reducing challenging energies and inspiring compassion.

 – Reduce stress & anxiety for the staff.

 – Inspire healthy relationships and a workplace environment of patience, kindness, care & support.

 – Deliver an impressive and lasting customer experience by igniting the team's passions.

 – Revitalize determination to achieve the company mission by empowering staff with motivation, inspiration and applicable tools for success!

Elevate Performance & Prosperity by Investing in the Well-Being of Your Team.

Transform Your Workplace Wellness

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Andrew Carnegie

"There is little success where there is little laughter."

  • There is an apparent fear-based mindset due to operational/organizational flux and instability.
  • Your team/individual shows the minimal amount of effort. 
  • There's no authentic desire to want to be there and contribute and it's an effort getting them to do their job.
  • They're simply there for the paycheck and ready to skip out on the moment something better comes along.
  • They're late all the time, taking long breaks, and calling off work regularly.

Minimal Effort

  • Things are going pretty well but your team could use a mental & emotional well-being boost.
  • You want to reward their efforts with a motivational & inspirational experience.
  • You want to optimize their performance with powerful mindset tools.
  • You'd like to equip them with a mental & emotional toolkit for securing happiness & fulfillment both inside & outside of work.

Elevate Performance

Why is Joe's Workplace Wellness a Good Fit for Your Business?

Toxic Energy

  • A single individual/group is super negative and always complaining.
  • They frequently initiate in conflict with other team members or even customers/clients.
  • They're always talking bad about other people, putting them down, or making fun.
  • They're disrespectful, rolling their eyes, yelling or screaming, or they're physically reactive.
  • They constantly question your authority and why they need to perform their duties.

Personal Challenges

  • A team member is bringing their personal life into work with them.
  • They seem very distracted, worried, concerned and aren't able to concentrate.
  • They're overly anxious and stressed out, resulting in an abnormally poor performance.
  • They're rather emotional at work, needing alone time and distance from others.
  • They come in too early, want to work on their days off, and avoid going home,
  • They seem depressed or even fearful.

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Employees determine how well a business performs and therefore the height of prosperity.  As they say: "One bad apple can spoil the bunch."  That toxic employee, group, culture, or environment can seriously derail or even obliterate any chance of prosperity.

So how do we transform toxic energies & attitudes into positive ones?

Everything is a matter of perspective, including energy & attitude.  In order to transform an individual or team’s perspective from a negative to a positive, we need to teach them where NOT to look.  When people have negative energies or attitudes it means they’re looking for fault throughout their experience at work – and they’re only satisfied when they find it.

If you manage a team, lead a division, or guide an entire company you know what it takes to achieve and sustain success.

What Determines Success in Business?

Things may have started off great but then little things start bothering them and all of a sudden they've become this tremendous force of negativity, disrupting everything.

My job is to completely disrupt that negative energy by highlighting an encouraging & inspiring perspective – teaching & motivating your team to choose this perspective instead of a negative one.  And I’m not talking about a gentle nudge into positive thinking and a pat on the back.

I’m talking about incinerating those toxic forces by teaching things like: 
  • The value of one's self-worth.
  • The value of one's job.
  • How to think & perform in a way that serves your experience.
  • How to honor workplace relationships.
  • How to elevate your mindset.
  • How we can show up to work feeling excited and leave feeling fulfilled.
  • And even life & death. (because life is short and we forget this)

Here are some options to consider during our call:

  • A single virtual training experience. (Running time option from 1 – 4 hours)
  • A single in-person training experience. (Running time option from 2 – 4 hours)
  • A series of three successive virtual experiences over the course of 6 weeks or 3 months. (1 – 2 hours)
  • A series of three successive in-person experiences over the course of 6 weeks or 3 months. (Running time option from 2 – 4 hours)
  • Joe's 12 month Virtual Workplace Wellness Program. (1 – 2 hours every month)
  • Joe's 12 month In-Person Workplace Wellness Program. (2 – 4 hours every month)

Staff size and scope of the problem will determine my recommendation for which experience will best suit your situation.  Everything is discussed through our free 30 minute consultation call.

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I have a very unique story which provides me the ability to make an immense change in any situation very quickly.  And it won't be just a motivational speech – I’m going to equip your team with practical tools and methods to help elevate their mental and emotional well-being.  Everything I share can be utilized in both a professional and personal setting.  If they're happy at home, they're happier at work.

Employees will begin feeling a whole lot better about themselves and their job – showing up feeling excited & leaving with a sense of fulfillment.  Less stress & anxiety makes a massive shift in performance.

The environment will experience a rapid shift into a positive and prosperous space which immediately strengthens performance, prosperity & the overall flow of operations.  This is healthy business. 

Employees & customers alike will notice a difference in their experience – making them feel better about being a part of something special.  That's the point – to elevate the experience of your business and make it beautiful for both your team & customer base. 

This is my passion and my purpose, to help you fulfill yours by strengthening your team's well-being & performance.

We can improve your workplace wellness and eliminate those negative forces within a week if you book your consultation call today.

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