I was a mess.  Every single day I couldn't help but think and believe the worst about myself, others, daily situations, and basically my entire life.  I never knew I had a choice in the matter – I never knew I could choose to perceive my life differently so that I could intentionally experience happy emotions like joy and excitement.  I had to get wrecked by a severe personal loss in order to make the necessary change... not only save my life, but completely transform it.  I could have saved myself years of suffering if only I had a mindset coach. 

My passion & purpose is to help you discover your own and then thrive within it. 

I'm Joe, a Mindset Coach, Author & Motivational Speaker

hey there!

My journey to a peaceful mindset was not an ideal path. Not everyone can pack up and travel the world for years working on themselves.  That's why I've developed several programs for making rapid & lasting transformation.

I was completely lost, depressed, anxious, angry & miserable after suffering the loss of my wife, Jessica Marie.  Little did I know, that loss would serve as the catalyst to my spiritual awakening & total mindset transformation.  Through traveling the world for years, volunteering, soul-searching, healing and reading like a hundred spiritual/self-help books,  I began my ascension – ultimately freeing myself from that grievous state & discovering the power of my mind.

It wasn't always rainbows & unicorns...

How I got  to  this place

This is when "doing" became "teaching".  I only helped friends, family, neighbors, and the occasional stranger at first... sharing with them the practices and ideas that had worked for me.

And through this process, I unknowingly became a mindset coach and mentor.  I had discovered for myself, my true calling.

And I fell in love with it.

"How did you do it?  How did you find this happiness after suffering such a tremendous personal loss – can you help me?"

Everywhere I went, I saw others suffering.

"Can you help me?"

The only thing was, there wasn't an actual process or outline of what to do with each person as each suffered for a very different reason. 

In essence all suffering is rooted in attachment but for each person their suffering is an extremely intimate and personal experience.  Some suffered from abandonment issues, some from anxiety issues, some from lack of self-value, some from unwavering anger, etc.

So each person needed and deserved a kind of tailor-made program to support, guide, encourage, and inspire them.  And I've never stepped away from this process as it's consistently delivered phenomenal results.

Eventually my passion to help others burned away any desire to do anything outside that space.  Teaching, coaching, mentoring, writing, speaking, and just showing as much compassion and love toward another became my sole purpose.  I'm beyond grateful for this as I get to fulfill my purpose every. single. day. while helping others discover theirs.

And yes, I wrote a novel too, based on my journey and so it too is an emotional, spiritual, loving expression of helping others through the art of sharing my very intimate and sacred story.  Feel free to check it out: Dreams of Antiquity

Nothing gives me greater joy than sharing my love of mastering the mind other than time with my beautiful family and friends. (I'm engaged, and a father now!)

It would be an honor to help you discover for yourself, what I've come to know and love. 

how joe can help you >

Being a victim of the life that was granted to me is what I believed about myself – so guess what I thought about ALLLL the time? 

Being a Victim.

Guess what I felt ALLLL the time?  Emotional Suffering.  

Then something beautiful happened.  Along my vast and expansive journey I was gifted with many messages confirming this one incredible truth:  We have the power to choose our beliefs.

See, I had been preconditioned to believe the worst.  It wasn't my fault, we typically don't choose our beliefs – they're planted in us through social/family/experience/traumatic conditioning.

So naturally I decided to try a new belief, something beautiful and empowering instead.  I decided to believe that I had the power to live the kind of life I wanted instead of the one I was dealt.

This was the beginning of an entirely new way of not only experiencing life, but attracting a wave of abundant and fulfilling experiences as well.

The thing was, my mindset and thoughts took some time catching up with my new beliefs.  I was still battling this daily gauntlet of negative thoughts until I realized that ALL thoughts are neutral.

"WHAT?!?!  But Joe, you said we experience negative thoughts but we can then replace them with positive ones instead!"

That's correct. In the beginning when we're first learning how to recondition our mind, we assign thoughts a positive or negative value based on how they make us feel. Eventually though, we come to realize that all thoughts are neutral and we've simply been assigning them a specific importance.

Given the proper techniques and guidance, this becomes a superpower.  This is when we begin the process of retraining the temple of our mind to grant specific thoughts permission to dwell inside and for how long and get this... sometimes not at all. 

Silence. Peace. Serenity.  Imagine that.

This process has the natural effect of establishing mindful presence.  We now know a peaceful state of being and within that state of being we frequently experience positive emotions such as gratitude, excitement, joy and love because simply stated, it's really freaking amazing being present and celebrating all that life IS!

For so long I believed I was a victim.  Everything I did, everything I experienced, and everything I thought was centralized around one crucial focal point: I was incomplete.  And because of this I experienced a near-constant state of suffering.

Why are Beliefs so important?

I'm able to hear you say things you may not even know you're saying.  We'll discover certain beliefs (about yourself, your circumstance, and your dreams for the future) that are responsible for blocking any chance of happiness, purpose, love & success.

We know which beliefs aren't serving us based on the bad or negative emotions and thoughts we're experiencing on a regular basis.

Once we dissect your mental and emotional state of being, we'll know exactly where we need to go digging for limiting beliefs.

Then we eradicate and replace them with beliefs & thoughts which empower & inspire us instead.

The Process of change...

A life filled with memories of world travel, epic adventures & beautiful people.


A flourishing business helping others through coaching, writing & speaking.


A loving, supportive & beautiful fiancé, Suzy, and our amazing little boy, Oliver.


A deeply spiritual lifestyle which has granted me presence, purpose & self-love.


The Life i've created


The kind of lifestyle which enriches me each and every day - I'm living my dream life!

Do you feel you need something outside of my current offers? Email me and let me know how I might be able to help.

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"Dreams of Antiquity: The Awakening is compelling and rich with twists, adventure, and deep emotion. As an allegory for spiritual journey, it transcends the common novel and becomes something even more important and beautiful."
(Reader Review on Amazon)

Enjoy my Novel,
Dreams of Antiquity

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